Billie’s Room:

Working on Billie’s room with Mel was a lot of fun. Mel & Dave’s focus was on creating a fun and imaginative play space for her to play shop in along with being calming enough to sleep in. We also needed to build in storage ideas for Billie’s clothes, books and toys. The colour scheme was selected to compliment the coastal California cool theme and of course appeal to Billie.

The key to this and any custom room is the measurements of available space and how best to utilize it, which I believe was well executed.

COBE’s Room:

Cobe’s wish was to have a skaters park themed room. Jess had the vision of creating a skaters ramp type bed with a half pipe for him to play on. Selecting the right materials were key to pulling off the right look, hence we chose ply wood for a outdoors fun look. Jess & Jared wanted to build in functional furniture and keep within the theme. We chose an earthy yet fresh colour scheme which will age well as Cobe grows up. Overall a seriously cool room for a young man.