• Kids want it Their Way

    Today’s market is competitive, that is not news. To compete with and adapt to this plethora of choice and variation, a lot of businesses have resorted to offering custom made products. Because what better way is there to give customers what they want than to just ask them. This is the basic ideology we at Just Kids Furniture thought was lacking in regards to the little ones. Children are the most creative inhabitants of this planet, and we wondered who is asking them about what they want rather than giving them a limited list of things to choose from. After all, they are the future leaders, consumers and creators.

    At Just Kids Furniture, we take pride in having the capacity to create custom made furniture that is envisioned by the most energetic and vibrant bunch of little people. Our goal is to implement the ideas they put forward, within the budget of their bigger people. And this is what sets us apart.

    Furthermore, the materials that are used such as timber, fabrics, etc. are all tested and certified to be children friendly. Not just for now, but for ages to come and go. Durability, affordability and reliability are some of the principles we take very seriously. We know that it is up to the older generations to set an example for our children, and that is why we adopt responsible techniques and materials.

    Apart from the visual appeal, our furniture accomplishes the primary function of any commodity, which is functionality. Meeting the day to day requirements of kids, whether its space to play with their toys, a study desk that is tucked away when not in use, or any sort of utility that the child might require, is thought of when delivering the final design. Additionally, we can work in collaboration with your interior designers or by ourselves to come to a final decision about the ideal dimensions that serve the child’s desire in terms of creative design and the practical aspects that avoid any sort of clutter in the room.

  • Buying furniture for your kids? 5 things you consider

    Buying Kids’ bed or not.

    Fact: No matter the size of the piece of furniture, your kids will outgrow it sooner than the later. That's the harsh truth of "kid size" furniture. That tiny banana shaped cot, the mini drawers set, and the cute side table with teddies. All of it will be of no use within a few years.

    Buying furniture for your kids

    THE BED: Buy a bed that spasms you both. Sleep time stories, sleepovers, storms, the bug, or simply the 10-minute negotiation about his next bike is enough make a kid to fall asleep. In short, you're will pass lot of time in their bed than you consider. My best advice would be to buy a low profile bed with an expanded bedhead. Trust me. Some evenings it'll be one little picture book, some night-time it'll be a whole children novel of 300 pages. Regardless, your skull will be spending hours butted against and propped up on whatsoever bedhead the bed has. Therefore, get something soft and wide.

    Do you need a kid dresser?

    THE DRESSER: Everybody in your house is going to find that cute, little "kid size" dresser cute, except your kid himself. Of course, your kid can’t dress himself yet and when he starts, he is going to have a lot more cloths that the tiny dresser can room. Welcome to the disappointing world of cute furniture.  My advice based on real world experience is to buy a full size dresser, whether cute or not. Nevertheless, full size doesn't mean exclusive “grown up” tag. There is always the scope of adding a little “cute” style, a few shades of pink and red. The way you both are going to love it.

    For example, I had an old dresser that we’re enable to sell. We decided to restore it in way it fits my girl’s room. A week of smoothing, cracking and painting, and it was perfect for her room. She loves it, and her friends can’t stop asking her, “From where you bought it”. I never felt so clever and cheap. I always tell her, bought from a shop that I don’t remember.

    Cute Chairs? Please don’t call me cuteness killer!

    THE CHAIR: For me, kids’ chair is the guilty pleasure in the “kid size” domain. There's a hidden aura those little, highly schematic tiny chair for little folks. Chairs are different from dressers or beds. Because of their small size, they're easy to move and hide. Regardless of your personal style, whether it is country chic, pre-modern, contemporary or art deco, there will be a kids’ chair available to suit your taste. And they're brilliant.


    If you want to buy kid size, ensure it suits your kid.
    For the chair, I’ll praise the one that is robust enough to grip an eleventh-hour, adult’s feast. If you don’t know where to start to look for the perfect furniture for your kid if you residing in Melbourne, head over to our Melbourne showroom in Braeside.

  • Easter Sale- Up to 25% off Kids Furniture & Accessories valid from 4-11th April

    Hop Hop Hop in for Easter Savings (2)

    Just Kids Furniture is offering up to 25% off Kids furniture & Accessories
    Pop into a store, send us an email or hop, hop, hop onto our website to make an order.
    The sale runs from the 4th to the 11th April 2015 and conditions apply.
    Braeside will be open from Tuesday 5th and Hoppers Crossing store will be open Easter Saturday and then from Tuesday 5th
    Please call us on 03 83607705 on Easter Saturday.

    Conditions of sale:

    • New orders only
    • Not in conjunction with any other offer
    • One offer per order can be redeemed
    • Offer not available on Bunks or Lofts
    • Offer not available on mattresses or custom orders
  • Bunk Bed Shopping- 5 Key things to Consider


    There are many reasons families look into purchasing bunk beds; moving into smaller homes, small rooms, a new baby on the way, or the kids just want to have fun and sleep in the same room.

    Having been in the kids furniture industry for the last 6 years, I've had lots of experience in creating, organising and selling bunk beds. Following are 5 things to consider when in the market for purchasing a bunk bed.

    1. Space? : What are the dimension of the room? Measure up and outline on a piece of paper, where the walls, windows, wardrobes and doors are (even include the swing of the door).
    2. Ceilings? : How tall are your ceilings? We need to make sure that when your little one sits up on the top bed, that they have enough room - and don't hit their head.
    3. Check for Danger : Do you have a ceiling fan? if yes, mark it out on your room plan.  You need a minimum of 2 meter clearance diagonally from the top of the bunk bed to the fan- don't want the kids reaching up to it.
    4. Age : Is my child ready? Can they manoever up and down the stairs/ladder? In the middle of the night, will they be able to get in and out safely?
    5. Safety : If you already have a mattress or purchasing elsewhere, remember to tell the sales person how thick the mattress is, as you will need a minimum of 16 cm from the top of your mattress to the top of the safety rail.

    When shopping for a bunk, it is the sales person's responsibility to work through all these questions with you. Also remember to check the stability of the bunk, there are many regulations around upright posts (things sticking up) and gaps.  If you have any concerns, ask the sales person to take you through the regulations.

  • It's that time of year approaching again... The silly Season!!!

    Does this sound familiar to you?

    Organising Christmas Lunch or family dinner, decorating the tree & house with enough lights just to outdo the neighbours, traffic & crazy queues to get a car park, finalizing layby's, going through your children's Wish Lists that are at least 2 pages long, wrestling with other shoppers to grab that last sold out Toy because you were so busy that you left your shopping until the last minute, the yearly Santa Pics and nothing to show for it but an empty wallet and a full stomach!!!

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  • Just Kids have moved their store from Mentone to Braeside

    Mentone to Braeside

    We are relocating our Mentone shop to a new home in Braeside, conveniently located right next door to our manufacturing operations.
    The new shop will feature the latest in kids furniture designs, space saving ideas and endless custom made possibilities to suit your creativity and to continue to provide your children the bedroom you’ve always desired.
    Visit us at our new premises at 18 Macbeth Street, Braeside to speak to one of our consultants who will continue to provide you with excellent customer service, help you create any furniture item for your children whether they are toddlers or teens.
    "George and I are very excited about the new shop as we are taking the opportunity to design it in a way to showcase some bedroom designs to get your creative juices flowing. Our customers have requested to see more of our bunk and loft beds, and the new and bigger shop will be able to cater easily for this.” announced Fay Patrinios, Co-Owner of Just Kids Furniture.
    Our new shop will be ready for the public on 22 September 2014

  • Racer Range - Build your Child's Racer Room

    Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.00.03 pm
  • Order any of these items between September & October & Receive Free Gift


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  • Find out what is Alisa’s Favourite room

    We are excited to announce that Just Kids has been featured in an article in "Home" magazine. Alisa winner of the The Block Sky High in 2013, in this article, refers to her son's room as her favorite room whose furniture has been custom made by Just Kids Furniture.

    She quotes "I have finally finished my son’s room, I have to say this is my favourite. I had his bedroom package custom made by Just Kids Furniture and the design really sets the tone for the room. It is playful and the design will withstand many years before my son will be begging me to redesign his room."


    Just Kids Furniture have custom designed & built furniture for Alisa's son based on her requirements and she is absolutely rapt about it.

    Get in touch and Just Kids will provide a free design consultation.

  • Where do I begin?

    Life is all about accepting new challenges and learning from them.
    When we are born, we immediately embark on the journey in stages - from a baby to a toddler, from a teenager to an adult and finally take on the biggest and most exciting challenge in our lives, parenthood!!

    Being a mum or dad is the one of the greatest achievements you will ever experience in your life, yet we take the challenge and strive to be the best parents for our little bundles of joy! As a mum of one pre-teen & one teenager, I've accepted my challenge and if it means I'm constantly pulling my hair out on a daily basis and wishing they were little babies again, I wouldn't change it for the world.

    My challenge for today is this - A previous regular customer and now employee at Just Kids Furniture to create a Blog. I panicked and had no idea where to start. I've heard the word "Blog" but didn't quite understand the whole idea. I did my homework, extensive online research and had some quality and very rare "Mummy Time" to finally create a concept.

    I have the background experience, I am familiar with the product quality and workmanship from both perspectives and am confident that Just Kids Furniture can create every little child's dream bedroom into a reality. What could be so hard about writing a Blog I said?!!

    So now I begin my journey to share all things with you about Just Kids to create a forum that will inform and entertain every parent from beginner through to advanced.

    This is me, this is Kathy.

    Ready Set Go - GO TEAM JKF!!!

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