Loft Beds

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Loft Beds for Kids with Desk and Stairs

A loft bed is a type of bunk bed where you have a bed frame against the wall thereby leaving some space underneath. In order to make sure that the user doesn't slip or fall down while sleeping, the loft beds are generally lined with rails. Such type of beds are widely used in hostels as it requires less space and helps in accommodating more kids.

These days loft bed with desk and stair are turning a common scenario in the houses in Australia. Parents are now preferring loft beds for their kid in comparison to other type of kids beds. With the changing needs and trends, Just Kids Furniture has introduced its line of loft beds. Based upon your choice in style and design, you can choose from our vast collection of loft beds including the single loft bed,king single loft bed and loft bed with stairs.

Using the loft bed for kids, you can create a new appearance to your kids room. You can choose your desired piece from our site and if you wish to go for custom made loft bed, Jut Kids can arrange that as well.

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