Bunk Beds

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Make bedtime, fun time for kids. Buy bunk beds online

A good night’s sleep is crucial for the overall development of your kid. And it comes with a cozy bed.

Just Kids brings you a stylish and affordable range of bunk beds for kids. Contemporary, beautiful, innovative and affordable - our collection of bunk beds features creative and practical designs that provide comfort and safety to your kids. Our beds are manufactured from a highly durable material that will stand the rest of time!

Bunk beds are an ideal choice if you have limited space. If your kids' room is small and you don’t want huge beds occupying too much space, it is time to switch to kids bunk beds.

Safe, secure and comfortable bunk beds for your kids

We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of your kid. Our collection features designs tested to the highest safety standards.

Browse through our wonderful range of king single bunk beds, triple bunk bed and other bunk beds and create the perfect little haven that your little ones will love. Alternatively, we can customise bunk beds for kids so that you can get it designed to suit your needs and requirements. Come and pick up your favourite bunk beds in Melbourne from our local kids' bedroom furniture shop.

Browse our catalogue online to check out options for bunk beds

Browse through our online store to check out more options. You can purchase your favourite bunk beds with just a click! We shipped to items anywhere in Australia.